Internet Governance

This area focuses on the processes, players and institutions that shape not only concepts but also Internet-related policies.

Internet governance is a recent phenomenon that goes across various topics concerning Information Society (access infrastructure, human and Internet development, digital security, knowledge and innovation, among others), where diverse fields meet, going along the lines of a multi-disciplinary center.

Although Internet governance is a global phenomenon, the area seeks the development of knowledge and competences, especially within the Latin America and Caribbean region, not only through the Diploma program in Internet Governance but also in order to foster research and promotion.

Convergent Communications Law

In this area, increasingly convergent communications (telecommunications, audiovisual communication services and non-regulated media) will be studied within a legal and more factual framework.

In the light of human rights, work will be done within the complex regulatory and current framework and related institutions.

Taking into account convergence as a continuous evolutionary phenomenon, which includes, among others, regulations, technology and civil society events; this area will generate debates, work and classes so as to set up the sound foundations for understanding such phenomenon.

Privacy and Data Protection

In this area research activities will be carried out as regards the privacy and data protection issues that are to be faced within the framework of technological development and state surveillance.

Study cases are varied and include several areas such as education, the state, public data, the Internet, the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, banks, insurance and commercial reports.


This area analyses cybercrime and cyber evidence caused due to technological advances.

Policies and new communication technologies impact

This area will develop research activities connected to public policies in the field of telecommunications and socio-economic impact assessment owing to the adoption of such technologies.

We address projects about the economic impact of broadband in Latin America, the determinants for adopting them, universalization models, the analysis of public policies on the development in the area and the like.


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